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Katsina Police Refutes Disinformation of Food Truck Attack,Looting

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The Katsina Police Command has swiftly debunked rumors circulating on social media platforms regarding an alleged attack and looting of a food truck within the state.

In an official statement, the Command clarified that these claims are entirely false and lacking any substantiated evidence.

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After a thorough investigation, it has been concluded that no such incident occurred in Katsina State.

The Command emphasized that there is no credible proof to support the allegations of a food truck loaded with essential supplies being attacked or looted by the public.

The statement issued by ASP Abubakar Sadiq Aliyu, the Police Public Relations Officer of Katsina State Police Command, urged the public to desist from spreading false information.

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Such misinformation not only creates unnecessary panic and fear but also poses a threat to the peace and security of society.

The Command reaffirmed its commitment to upholding law and order and warned that appropriate action would be taken against individuals attempting to spread misinformation for malicious purposes.

ASP Aliyu urged citizens to rely on official sources of information and refrain from sharing unverified news that could lead to unwarranted fear and anxiety.

The Katsina Police Command seeks to ensure that the public remains well-informed, urging responsible sharing of information to maintain a sense of security within the community.

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