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Customs Auctions Bag of Rice at Unbeatable N10,000

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In a bid to address escalating concerns about food security and combat the outflow of essential items to neighboring countries, the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has launched a nationwide sale of seized goods.

The initiative kicked off with a press briefing in Lagos, where Comptroller-General Bashir Adeniyi highlighted the NCS’s commitment to ensuring access to vital food items within the nation.

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Adeniyi revealed that the NCS had obtained government approval to distribute confiscated food items at reduced prices to deserving Nigerians.

The targeted beneficiaries include artisans, teachers, nurses, religious bodies, and other citizens.

During the briefing, he expressed concern about the surge in the export of food items, emphasizing its adverse impact on the country’s productive capacity and overall food security.

Among the seized items up for sale are over 20,000 bags of assorted grains (rice, beans, maize, guinea corn, millet, soya beans), 2,500 cartons, and 963 bags of dried fish. Additionally, the inventory includes dried pepper, tomatoes, cooking oil, maggi, macaroni, salt, sugar, and garri.

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Adeniyi highlighted the importance of addressing economic challenges, particularly those related to insecurity and exchange rate issues.

He stressed that the customs officers would closely monitor the entire supply chain to prevent misuse or diversion of the food items.

Stringent guidelines and eligibility requirements have been implemented to ensure that the items reach individuals with genuine needs.

As the nationwide sale unfolds, the NCS aims to contribute significantly to enhancing food security and alleviating the impact of economic challenges on Nigerians.

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