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President Tinubu Criticizes NLC, Deems Early Strikes Unreasonable

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President Tinubu has criticized the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), denouncing what he considers an unreasonable call for a strike within the first nine months of his administration.

The President emphasized that the NLC does not solely represent the opinions of the Nigerian people.

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In a press statement, President Tinubu expressed his disagreement with the timing of the NLC’s call for a strike, stating, “It is unreasonable for labor unions to initiate a strike within the initial nine months of an administration.

Such actions hinder the progress and stability we aim to achieve for the nation.”

The President further asserted that the NLC’s stance does not universally reflect the sentiments of all Nigerians.

He highlighted the diverse opinions and perspectives within the nation and called for a more inclusive and consultative approach.

President Tinubu also addressed the NLC’s involvement in electoral processes, suggesting that if the labor union wishes to participate in elections, it should wait until 2027.

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This assertion implies a call for patience and a timeline aligned with the regular electoral cycle.

While expressing his commitment to addressing the concerns of workers, President Tinubu encouraged open dialogue and cooperation rather than resorting to strikes.

He emphasized the need for constructive engagement to find mutually beneficial solutions.

President Tinubu’s remarks are likely to spark discussions among the public, labor unions, and political circles, as the nation navigates the delicate balance between addressing labor concerns and maintaining governance stability.

As the dialogue unfolds, the President’s stance and the NLC’s response will shape the ongoing discourse surrounding labor relations and political engagement in Nigeria.


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