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Legitimacy Questioned: Eight Members Lack Authority for Suspension

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By; Imrana Abdullahi

Eighteen members of Zamfara state house of Assembly have described the purported suspension by eight  members of the house as baseless and undemocratic

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The members under the  Hon. Bashir Aliyu Gummi, representing Gummi, whom they had unanimously elected as the speaker protempo in the absence of the legitimate speaker of the house, said the house is suffering an interference from external forces which  are seeking to continue controlling the affairs of the house.

According to them, after the house was officially closed by new speaker Honourable Bashir ALIYU Gummi, but the eight members convened an unlawful sitting and took the decision of suspension said the so-called sitting is an idleness.

The political terrain in the Zamfara state house of Assembly has taken a different and anbiguos dimension with the members breaking into factions who are struggling to have a grief of the affairs at the helm.

In a resolution jointly  signed and released by the suspended members and their colleagues who are showing them solidarity, said the suspension is a clear breach of trust and an infraction on the rule of law under section 36 of the constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria which clearly stipulated that any one accused of an offence must be giving a fair hearing to defend himself either by himself or through a qualified lawyer, which further made it claringly clear that only a court or a Constituency can recall a member from his duties and responsibilities.

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The move also violates the rule of the house which posits that decision can only be taken by the majority of the member and not minority.

While describing all the actions taken by the minority members as a mere tea party, the suspended members, they decried the threats they face over their stand on the whole political saga in addition to denying their salary.

To crown it all, the members are now clamoring for the intervention of president Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the the National assembly and all the relevant agencies and stakeholders so as to ameleorate the working relationship between legislative and executive arm of the state in order to fashion out modalities that will help in resolving the matter.

The eighteen members also lamented the insecurity and other form of criminal activities that ravaging.

To this end, action must be taken for peaceful coexistence and prosperous state where development can thrive.

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