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Pastor Share Food Grain to Needy Muslims, Islamic Tsangaya Schools

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By Abdullahi Alhassan, Kaduna

In a heartwarming demonstration of interfaith harmony, the Church of Christ Evangelical and Life Intercessory Ministry, Sabon Tasha, located in the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State, has distributed essential food items to hundreds of underprivileged Muslims and Islamic Tsangaya schools on Sunday.

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The distribution, which took place at the Kano Road Central Mosque in Kaduna North western Nigeria, included bags , millets, and plastic kettles, benefiting Almajiri and beggars affiliated with the Association of Persons with Disabilities,and some schools of Tsangaya islamic schools

Speaking to the press shortly after the distribution at Kano Road Central Mosque , Kaduna, Pastor Dr Yohanna Buru, the General Overseer of the church, expressed the church’s commitment towards reaching out to over 1000 underprivileged Muslims across the North.

The gesture aims to alleviate the impact of economic challenges since the removal of fuel subsidies, and high cost of living, which lead to hunger protest nation-wide

According to Pastor Dr Yohanna Buru, The holy month of Ramadan provided a golding opportunity for christians all over the world to sthrenthens good relationship with muslims through interfaith Ramadan Iftar-breakfast for peace and unity where they eat together,interract and Dialogue with one another ,and even deliberate on betters ways to live in peace and harmony irrespective of religion,ethnicity,cultural and historical background.

Pastor Buru emphasized that the initiative also promotes peaceful co-existence and religious tolerance among residents in the region.

The church sees this as a reciprocal gesture for the goodwill extended by Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani, a Muslim woman who always supports the Church’s widows and orphans during Christmas, New Year, and Easter celebrations with bags of Food item,clothes and cash to some christians leaders

Last year, the church distributed over 50 bags of food items across five Northerner states to enable poor Muslims to fully participate in the 30-day fasting and prayers of Ramadan.

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This year’s distribution includes mats and plastic kettles,encouraging recipients to stay at home and pray for an end to the country’s rising challenges, such as banditry,kidnapping,terrorism,and general insecurity related issues and high inflation.

“Last year, we shared over 50 bags of food grains with poor Muslims to strengthen them for praying and fasting throughout the 30 days of Ramadan,” Pastor Buru noted.

While Appealing to well-meaning individuals, Pastor Buru called on traders to refrain from arbitrary price increases during the Holy Month of Ramadan. He extended warm wishes to Muslims worldwide for a happy Ramadan Kareem, emphasizing the importance of prayers for peace and unity in the country.

“he called on youth to stop watching films and other immoral act during the Holy months,and be more committed in praying to Allah”

“we wish you all Ramadan Kareem and please remembered to assist the poor muslims living around”

Leaders of the Association of Persons Living with Disabilities expressed gratitude for the consistent support from the church over the past 11 years. They called on wealthy Muslims to contribute food items, enabling them to stay at home and pray for the nation during Ramadan.

Sheikh Ibrahim Musa, a teacher at a Tsangaya Islamic school, highlighted the church’s ongoing support for the school, including the donation of food items and educational materials. Another teacher, Mallam Usman Mohammad, expressed appreciation for the church’s consistent support, concluding with prayers for blessings upon Pastor Dr. Yohanna Buru and the church members.

Adding that this year Ramadan comes amidst Christians lenten-period stressing the need for both muslims and christians to dedicate more time praying to God intervention to bring an end to the rising insecurity challenges bedeviling peace stalibility and hunger protest in the country

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