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Katsina CSOs Shine on Women’s Day Amidst Challenges

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Balarabe Musa Katsina, Nigeria

The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Katsina State marked this year’s World Women’s Day with a reflection on the challenges faced by women in the state amidst rising costs of living and pervasive insecurity.

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In a press release issued yesterday, the coalition extended congratulations to women across the state on the occasion of World Women’s Day, emphasizing the need for a deeper reflection on the societal issues impacting women, who are often the direct recipients of both positive and negative societal impacts.

The release signed and shared by the Chairman of Coalition of Civil Society Organizations Katsina AbdurRahman Abdullahi. He highlighted the increasing cost of living in Katsina State, attributed to subsidy removal, loss of livelihoods due to banditry, and other related activities. It also pointed to the prevalence of gender-based violence and rape cases, further exacerbating the difficulties faced by women in the region.

Insecurity emerged as a major obstacle to socio-economic progress in Katsina State, with banditry disrupting the agricultural sector, the mainstay of the state’s economy. The resulting poverty and food insecurity disproportionately affect women and children, who are often the most vulnerable.

Since the removal of subsidies in May 2023, Nigerians have grappled with skyrocketing costs of essential commodities and dwindling sources of income, leading to widespread poverty and despair. Despite government efforts, the coalition criticized the inadequate response in cushioning the effects of subsidy removal and controlling the rising prices of essential goods.

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While acknowledging the state government’s efforts in addressing banditry, the coalition emphasized the need for full support and collaboration from the Federal Government to effectively combat the menace.

The press release called for concerted efforts to restore peace in Katsina State, allowing farmers to return to their fields and alleviate hunger and starvation. It urged the President to declare a state of emergency on the fight against banditry and to address the fuel subsidy issue urgently.

Additionally, the coalition appealed for programs aimed at making food and essential commodities affordable to all, highlighting the need for emergency measures to open Nigeria’s land borders for food importation until self-sustainability is achieved.

In conclusion, the coalition congratulated women on World Women’s Day and expressed hope for a society free from insecurity, hunger, and all forms of calamities.

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