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Kano Assembly Targeted in Power Struggle, Police Foil Arson Plot

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In the midst of a heated power struggle over the Kano Emirate, security forces in Kano State have thwarted a sinister plan to set the State House of Assembly on fire.

Late Sunday night, CP Usaini Gumel, alongside DSS and NSCDC leaders, announced they had uncovered a plot to incite chaos and destruction in the state.

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CP Gumel stated, “We have credible intelligence indicating that a group of miscreants plans to attack key locations, including the House of Assembly. This intelligence has been corroborated by multiple sources.

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“He assured the public of heightened security measures, saying, “We will conduct rigorous patrols and targeted operations in areas where these culprits may be hiding.

No one is above the law; those attempting to disrupt the peace will be apprehended and prosecuted.

“The police’s proactive measures aim to safeguard Kano amid ongoing tensions, ensuring the stability and security of the state.

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