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Generosity Prevails: Bauchi, Rivers States Ease Hajj Financial Burdens

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From Abdul Ardo

In a heartwarming display of solidarity and support for the Muslim faithful, Bauchi State Governor, Bala Senator Muhammad, and his counterpart from Rivers State, Fubara, have taken significant steps to alleviate financial pressures on intending Hajj pilgrims.

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Governor Bala Senator Muhammad of Bauchi State has agreed to cover half of the additional 1.9 million naira cost per pilgrim, as directed by the National Hajj Commission NAHCON, before the midnight deadline on Friday.

Understanding the challenges posed by the public holidays of Good Friday and Easter Monday, the governor has graciously extended the payment deadline by two days, providing much-needed relief to the pilgrims.

Meanwhile, in Rivers State, Governor Fubara has gone a step further by fully covering the additional costs for all intending pilgrims from the state.

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This act of generosity underscores the commitment of the Rivers State government to support its citizens in fulfilling their religious obligations.

Joining in this spirit of assistance, Kano State Governor Kabir Abba Yusuf has also contributed significantly by subsidizing 500,000 naira for each intending pilgrim from Kano State, further easing the financial burden associated with the Hajj pilgrimage.

These gestures of support and solidarity from state leaders highlight the importance of unity and collective assistance, ensuring that all Muslims can participate in the Hajj pilgrimage without undue financial strain.

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