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Tinubu,Shettima: The epidemic of economic, insecurity in Nigeria

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By: Dr. James Bwala
With the rhetoric around the economy and security situation in the country, those blaming the government have failed to look at the history and those involved in it that brought Nigeria to its current predicament. The eight-year rule of the Buhari regime has given birth to criminality with untold consequences for Nigeria, but many who are now speaking ill of the Tinubu and Shettima administration are deliberately shying away from that creation, now biting the fabric covering the nakedness of Nigeria as a people and nation.

The fingers pointing at the present economic and security situation never consider some big names flooring on the pages of newspapers, both living and dead, who have melted the economy of this country and secured insecurity to this heights that left tears around and in many families who lost loved ones to banditry and other criminality.

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Since May 29, 2023, I have gone through the pages of informed newspapers in the country and read success stories of greater achievements in security operations by our soldiers, police, the DSS, and other security agencies. But critics, as they are, are not quoting some of these successes to encourage the government and say we are with you in this movement. They would rather omit these achievements in their narrations to make the devil out of the new administration that, during Buhari’s time, they told us to be patient with when, in six months, the country was without a minister and nothing seemed to be moving in the face of the same security and economic challenges.

In the North, they say it is our own. And so, nobody speaks ill of the Buhari regime, despite its failure in all phases at the time. Those who reflected back at the Good Luck administration to make comparisons to Buhari’s government are seen as anti-north.

The community of the northern leaders has rallied around the regime to not allow the nakedness of the government to be seen by outsiders. They preach the sermon of never washing your dirty lining in public places, though in the closets they are gnashing their teeth in anguish and regret that their roars are eating them while they watch. Those who dare the government are shown the way to Kuje prison, and those who do not want to go that way retract their shells and watch with hopelessness.

Before the 2023 general elections that brought the victory for Tinubu and Kashim Shettima, Nigerians witnessed the shocking twist in both the security and economic situation, anchored by very few individuals in Buhari’s archery.

Recently, the Lagos elderstateman, Chief Bode George, was trending on a video calling on the government to invite three Nigerians for questioning. One of them was late but opened a ten billion naira retirement home at less than sixty years old. One was circling around the courtroom and prison since the Tinubu and Shettima administration closed on him, and the other, according to Chief Bode George, was a floor boy in the banking hall before rising to prowess.

There are others nitting to the immediate past regime of Buhari, which the current administration seemed to be taking careful steps to cover around them. Perhaps long before a comment credited to a former military ruler in the country.

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A statement recently credited to the former Military President, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, asked President Tinubu to be careful to avoid military takeover. I believe the former military ruler has the ears of some military commanders in service, and his entreaty should be positively anchored to preaching democracy and rule of law so Nigeria should not derailed.

A man of such vintage should caution at the close door and not allow an air of a few words to fall into the ears of some power-hungry morons because what hatches the eggs is the constant daily warmth that comes from a light bulb. Tinubu and Kashim Shettima have fought big battles to come thus far in their careers as politicians.

Today, they are leading Nigeria to get to the promised land, and it is not only about them and their families. It is also about over two hundred million Nigerians moving together to reach a goal. It could take forty days or forty years, depending on the faith we carry and our decision not to murmur at every inch.

Since the Nigerian journey is not about Tinubu or Shettima but a movement of over 200 million people towards a goal, I feel it is rather in the interest of all to rally around the government to support it. Since the onset of the administration, Nigerians have applauded their choice of individuals for service chiefs and other credible appointments.

Of course, no kingdom arrangement is complete without the Judas; we have seen a few of them, and the administration did creditably well in doing the needful. A case of the humanitarian minister and more are coming. This shows the seriousness of this administration in dealing with the Nigerian people by the books they swore on oath.

Those who want to criticize Tinubu or the VP, Kashim Shettima, over the current economic and security situation should do so with good intentions and help the government by offering solutions. They should do so with facts to praise and to condemn. The government is open to criticism, but positive criticism is what builds a nation.

The economic and security situation will fizzle out when we all go back to the drawing board to trace the actions and inactions of the past that led to the current situation. Tinubu and Kashim Shettima mean well, and we can do well to support them and Nigeria. As leaders, they should also be encouraged to give their best to building the nation. So, we can all reach the promised land.

I believe as many Nigerians had hope to have a peaceful country free of security situations and greater economic revival, both Tinubu and Kashim Shettima are on the same page with Nigerians because there is no other country where we can all be proud of like Nigeria. If we come together to support the government, we can tailor this fabric of economy and insecurity to a desired shape that will be pleasing to all. Dear compatriots, let us come together to do as we say in our anthem.

James Bwala, PhD, writes from Abuja.


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