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Tinubu,Lula: Diplomatic Revival in Addis Ababa Talks

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In a diplomatic stride towards enhanced collaboration, President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria and President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil convened in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Sunday.

The meeting served as a platform for comprehensive discussions aimed at fortifying bilateral ties across various sectors.

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President Tinubu, addressing the gathering, underscored Nigeria’s economic potential and influence, highlighting the nation’s forward leap despite the transient challenges of ongoing reforms.

He emphasized his administration’s commitment to eliminating barriers to business and investing in critical sectors such as healthcare, education, and agriculture for the holistic welfare of Nigerian citizens.

“We have a very vibrant population of young Nigerians who are trainable, dependable, and should be empowered.

The economic potential of Nigeria is enormous. We are ready to break all the walls standing in our way to progress,” President Tinubu stated.

He also expressed his determination to combat corruption comprehensively and invest in key sectors to ensure sustainable economic prosperity for future generations.

President Lula da Silva, assessing Nigeria’s natural and human resource wealth akin to Brazil’s, acknowledged the longstanding and interesting history between Africa’s largest economy and South America’s largest economy.

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He recalled a historical trade volume exceeding $10 billion, now reduced to $1.6 billion, expressing his resolve to reinvigorate and strengthen bilateral relations.

“I am back to try to restore; to reclaim our good relations with Nigeria. I cannot imagine that a country of 216 million people and another of 213 million people do not have strong relations,” stated President Lula da Silva.

At 78 years old, he emphasized the importance of fighting for a cause, attributing his sustained vitality to championing the cause of his nation and people.

The meeting between President Tinubu and President Lula da Silva signifies a diplomatic commitment to revive historical ties and explore new avenues of cooperation between Nigeria and Brazil.

As both leaders pledge to strengthen relations and harness the potential of their nations, the diplomatic landscape is set for a renewed era of collaboration and mutual growth.

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