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Social Media Control; Women in Nigeria demand strict control measures.

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From Abdul Ardo

Amid growing concerns about the impact of social media on Nigerian society, Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani, the National President of the Foundation for the Protection of Women and Children, is urging the federal government and the National Assembly to institute regulations for social media.

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In an interview with Kaduna journalists to mark the World Safer Internet Day, Tijjani stressed the need for a more comprehensive approach to social media regulation, extending beyond issues of physical safety, financial abuse, and mental wellness.

She emphasized the urgency of safeguarding children from exposure to irresponsible content circulating on the internet.

Tijjani who is an interfaith specialist highlighted the importance of regulating social media to prevent the dissemination of immoral content that contradicts Nigeria’s values of faith, culture, and tradition.

Platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram have become hubs for the display of immoral behaviors by some youths, prompting a call to action to shield the younger generation from adopting foreign cultures.

While acknowledging the existing guidelines on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Tijjani argued that these measures are insufficient. She called for the establishment of specific laws governing social media use within Nigeria.

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In a joint appeal, women’s groups urged stakeholders to raise awareness against online radicalization, educate youth on resisting extremist ideologies, and promote open dialogues.

The emphasis was on cybersecurity awareness, education about online theft risks, and encouragement of responsible online behavior.

The call extended to advocating age-appropriate online activities, promoting parental controls, and educating stakeholders on monitoring online usage, especially for those under 18.

Madam Rose David echoed these sentiments, urging parents to actively monitor their children’s activities on social media.

She advised guardians to vigilantly oversee online interactions and content consumption, emphasizing a proactive approach to shield the younger generation from potential harm.

The collective plea from these women’s groups underscores the urgent need for social media regulation as a means to fortify the cultural and moral foundations of Nigerian society, particularly in safeguarding the youth against detrimental foreign influences.

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