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School Speech Probe: Niger State Responds to Inappropriate Language

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The Government of Niger State is set to address a concerning issue where students use inappropriate language during debates. This decision comes in response to a viral video featuring AbdulKabir AbdulKadir, a student from Kasim Primary School in Agaie, expressing strong sentiments about the challenges faced by Nigerians.

In the video, AbdulKabir voiced his concerns about the nation’s corrupt legal system, electoral officers, and the alleged coercion by security forces manipulating elections.

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His opposition to compulsory voting stirred attention, emphasizing the perceived loss of significance in citizens’ votes.

The Niger State Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, through its spokesman Jibrin Usman-Kodo, has deemed the behavior unacceptable, citing a violation of values related to respect and decency. The ministry expressed deep concern over the incident, emphasizing the need for a positive and respectful learning environment.

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A statement from the ministry read: “The use of vulgar and violent language not only reflects poor orientation for the individual pupil but also on the school and the educational system as a whole.” The Hon. Commissioner, Dr. Hadiza Asabe Mohammed, is leading an investigation into the incident, vowing to take appropriate disciplinary action against those responsible for coaching the student to use such language.

This move by the Niger State government underscores the commitment to maintaining a conducive learning atmosphere while addressing concerns raised by students through appropriate channels rather than resorting to inappropriate language. The outcome of the investigation will shape the approach to fostering respectful and constructive dialogue within educational settings.

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