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Rice Revolution in Ilorin: Prices Plummet, Anticipated to Hit ₦30,000 Soon

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In a surprising turn of events, the rice market in Ilorin, Kwara State, has witnessed a dramatic price plunge, leaving residents ecstatic.

The once lofty ₦80,000 price tag during Ramadan has now tumbled to a range of ₦52,000 to ₦54,000 per 50kg bag, causing jubilation among consumers.

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Local rice vendors, buoyed by the currency’s rally against the dollar and other positive factors, are optimistic that the downward trend will continue.

Pastor Adeyanju Adeyemo, a prominent rice seller, boldly predicts a potential drop to an astonishing ₦25,000 per bag within a month, citing the current trend as evidence.

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Mr. Abdullateef AbdulAfeez echoes this sentiment, affirming that their current retail price of ₦52,000 may soon dwindle to ₦30,000, signaling a promising outlook for rice affordability in the region.

As anticipation builds and wallets rejoice, Ilorin’s rice revolution is poised to redefine food economics, offering hope and relief to households across the state.

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