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Private Sector Alerts Surge in Theft Against Trucked Goods

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The organized private sector has sounded an alarm over the surge in theft targeting trucks transporting food and essential materials, raising concerns that if unchecked, this could lead to the suspension of operations for industries nationwide.

Gabriel Idahosa, President of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, highlighted that economic challenges are contributing to the increase in disorder.

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He emphasized that these attacks could worsen the challenges faced by businesses, potentially leading to closures.

Idahosa expressed, “We have gone beyond the phase of speculation; we are now in the phase of reality. In the last two or three days, these kinds of events have been escalating.

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It will require concerted efforts to stop the trend.”

He noted that several top manufacturing companies experienced significant financial losses in the 2023 fiscal period due to the theft of goods.

Idahosa warned that these companies might consider closing operations and laying off employees.

The president urged the government to take concrete measures to address the escalating state of hunger, emphasizing the urgent need for concerted efforts to halt the trend of theft targeting essential goods.


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