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Katsina’s New Defense: Governor Radda’s Watch Corps

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By Muhammad Inuwa M/fashi

Governor Dikko Umaru Radda of Katsina State has made history by spearheading the establishment of a state-owned security outfit, the Katsina Community Watch Corps, dedicated to combating terrorism within the state.

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This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant milestone in the region, as Governor Radda becomes the first governor in the Northwestern region to take such proactive measures in addressing security challenges.

The decision to establish the Katsina Community Watch Corps stems from the recognition that conventional security agencies, despite their efforts, often face limitations in addressing the complex security landscape effectively.

With all conventional security agencies being accountable to their superiors, governors are sometimes constrained in their ability to swiftly respond to security threats within their states.

For the past decade, the Northwest region, particularly Katsina State, has grappled with the menace of kidnapping and banditry, leading to widespread displacement and humanitarian crises affecting millions of people.

Governor Radda’s administration acknowledges the urgent need for a community-driven approach to security, one that empowers local stakeholders and complements the efforts of existing security forces.

The Katsina Community Watch Corps, established under Governor Radda’s leadership, is legally supported and aims to augment the capabilities of security forces in safeguarding the state. The corps comprises 1,460 personnel recruited from various local governments across Katsina State.

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These personnel underwent an intensive three-month training program conducted by seasoned security experts, including trainers from the Nigerian Army and Nigeria Police Force.

To bolster the operational capacity of the Katsina Community Watch Corps, Governor Radda’s administration provided substantial support in terms of resources.

The corps received 74 Toyota Hilux vehicles, 770 motorcycles, 10 Armored Personnel Carriers, communication devices, and weapons, ensuring they are well-equipped to tackle security challenges effectively.

Despite the ongoing battle against terrorism and criminal elements, the Katsina Community Watch Corps has recorded significant successes.

Their operations have led to the elimination of informants and criminal elements within the state, contributing to a safer and more secure environment for residents.

Governor Dikko Umaru Radda’s proactive approach to security has garnered praise and recognition both locally and nationally.

His commitment to prioritizing the safety and well-being of Katsina State residents serves as a model for other states facing similar security challenges.

As the Katsina Community Watch Corps continues its operations, Governor Radda remains steadfast in his determination to ensure peace and stability in the state, setting a precedent for innovative security solutions across the region.


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