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Kano Without Emirs: House Majority Leader Announces Sweeping Changes

#Zulum238Projects #Term2 Focus: Education (54 Projects) Zulum's 5th year in office, consolidating on sterling 4 years of the first tenure. “1,195 Projects and Counting.” Series on 238 projects in the first year of the second tenure of Governor Zulum.

Lawal Hussaini Chediyar Yan Gurasa, Majority Leader of the Kano House of Assembly, declared that Kano State is now without a single emir.

This announcement follows the repeal of the Kano State Emirs (Appointment and Deposition) Law on Thursday, effectively dismantling the five newly established emirates.

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“This bill has restored the singular emirate structure we inherited since the Jihad of Shehu Usman Dan Fodio,” Chediyar Yan Gurasa stated.

“The governor is now empowered to invite kingmakers to nominate a new emir, uniting Kano under one leadership once again.”The repealed law, initially enacted by ex-Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje on December 5, 2019, had created four additional emirates, causing divisions among the people.

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The move is seen as a step towards restoring unity and historical heritage in Kano.“We expect full cooperation from the people of Kano for peace and development,” Chediyar Yan Gurasa urged, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the state.

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