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INEC Defends Integrity: 2023 Election Captured Nigerian Desires

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The Independent National Electoral Commission has affirmed that the 2023 election was conducted in a manner that upheld fairness and credibility, emphasizing that it accurately represented the aspirations of the Nigerian people.

The commission also mentioned that a review of the survey revealed that no single party held significant control over it, and the distribution of outcomes across parties was more evenly spread compared to past elections held in the nation.

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The standpoint of the INEC was detailed in a comprehensive 526-page report titled ‘The 2023 General Election Report’.

The commission took note of the challenges faced during the elections, which included the currency swap conducted by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the attacks on INEC facilities, and a few minor issues.

The National Commissioner and Chairman of the Information and Voter Education Committee, Sam Olumekun, highlighted the election as distinctive due to its adherence to the schedule, incorporation of 80 new provisions in the Electoral Act, and the implementation of new technologies that streamlined the voting process.

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Olumekun stated, “In keeping with our tradition over the last four electoral cycles, and our commitment to transparency, we are pleased to announce the release of the official INEC report on the 2023 general election.

“The report showcases the election’s unparalleled diversity in party representation, demonstrating significant democratic progress. This election saw four political parties winning governorship races, seven parties winning senatorial seats, eight in federal constituencies and nine in state legislatures, illustrating a broad shift in political representation across Nigeria.”

He emphasized that the 2023 general elections in Nigeria were meticulously planned and marked by groundbreaking innovation, making them one of the most well-executed electoral processes to date.

“The election witnessed the highest number of eligible voters and voting locations across the country with the participation of over one million election duty officials and the deployment of enormous logistic requirements including over 100,000 vehicles and about 4,000 boats protected by gunboats,” the report added.

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