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Governor Radda’s Proactive Move: Committee Formed to Address Health Workforce Shortage

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Governor Dikko Umaru Radda of Katsina State has taken a significant step towards strengthening the healthcare sector by establishing a committee dedicated to identifying casual health workers across the state.

The committee’s primary objective is to absorb the most qualified individuals among them, alleviating the critical shortage of human resources in the health sector.

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In response to the pressing need for skilled healthcare professionals, Governor Radda’s initiative targets the optimization of the existing workforce.

Presently, the Katsina State Government employs over 5,500 casual health workers across various health facilities in the state, as indicated by recent statistics.

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This strategic move underscores Governor Radda’s commitment to enhancing healthcare services and ensuring that the state is well-equipped to address public health challenges.

The committee’s efforts are poised to not only recognize the contributions of casual health workers but also elevate the overall capacity and effectiveness of the healthcare system in Katsina State.

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