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El-Rufai’s Transformation: From Mud to Modernity in Kaduna

#Zulum238Projects #Term2 Focus: Education (54 Projects) Zulum's 5th year in office, consolidating on sterling 4 years of the first tenure. “1,195 Projects and Counting.” Series on 238 projects in the first year of the second tenure of Governor Zulum.

By Muhammad Inuwa M/fashi

In the annals of Kaduna’s history, a name stands out boldly – Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. With unyielding determination and strategic borrowing, El-Rufai lifted Kaduna out of the mud and into a realm of modernity and functionality.

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Yes, he borrowed money, and he invested it wisely. Unlike some predecessors who squandered resources, El-Rufai put Kaduna on a trajectory of growth and development that was sorely needed.

Kaduna, once teetering on the brink of decline, was fast becoming a shadow of its former self.

Comparable to cities like Sukeja, Azare, Damaturu, and Onitsha in infrastructure, it lacked the vibrancy and efficiency of major city capitals like Lagos, Kano, and Port Harcourt.

Founded in 1900 by British colonists, Kaduna held historical significance as the capital of Nigeria’s former Northern Region.

Yet, it wasn’t until Mallam Nasir El-Rufai’s tenure, 38 years after, that Kaduna witnessed a significant facelift in roads, amenities, and social services.

The transformation is palpable. Visitors to Kaduna today, compared to four years ago, attest to its remarkable metamorphosis from an overrated village to a functional, thriving city.

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It’s imperative to acknowledge that while I may not be an avid supporter of Governor El-Rufai, facts remain facts – he revived a dying part of Kaduna.

Post-1999 democratic governance in Kaduna often fell short, with resources misused and infrastructure projects stagnating under governors like Makarfi, Sambo, and Yero.

However, late Governor Patrick Yakowa’s brief tenure showcased Kaduna’s potential under visionary leadership.

Governor Uba Sani, with an advantageous starting point left by El-Rufai, has the opportunity to build upon this foundation.

Instead of mere grumbling, he should emulate leaders like Governor Alex Otti of Abia State, who transformed his state despite starting from scratch.

El-Rufai’s legacy isn’t just about infrastructure; it’s about setting a standard of excellence.

His projects are not mediocre; they rival those in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

So, as Kaduna marches forward, let it be a testament to the power of strategic borrowing, visionary leadership, and a commitment to excellence in governance.

Muhammad Inuwa Mfashi

Social Commentator.



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