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Divisive Tendencies Can’t Deter My Course, Gov Bala Frowns at Saboteurs 

#Zulum238Projects #Term2 Focus: Education (54 Projects) Zulum's 5th year in office, consolidating on sterling 4 years of the first tenure. “1,195 Projects and Counting.” Series on 238 projects in the first year of the second tenure of Governor Zulum.

By; Mohammed Kawu, Bauchi

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi has seriously warned that his administration will not condone any form of division along ethno-religious or sectional line, saying “We are one, we were created to live together as one and we must tolerate one another

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He further stressed, “We open the gates of the Government House to accommodate Christian women during festivities in order to show them that we care for them.

We are not doing that for the Moslem women because we don’t have where to accommodate them inside the Government House because of their number.”

Speaking while flagging-off the construction of four roads in Bauchi metropolis with a combine length of 12.2km weekend, said that diversity is the strength of unity and peaceful co-existence anywhere, saying “I will do everything humanly possible to ensure that the diversity of the State was harnessed for growth and development irrespective of the ethno-religious diversity”.

The Governor who have the roads as Sabon Kaura – Birshi – BRC FM, Gwallameji – Doka – Rafin Zurfi and Bayara settlement road all in Bauchi Local Government Area, assured that he will work with the traditional institutions to ensure that nobody was discriminated on the basis of ethno-religious differences.

“God created us in the very hetrogenous way in Bauchi state, and this Yelwa and Birshi Gandu is replacent of this kind of diversity that we have in Nigeria. If we can manage this place, we can manage Nigeria, and I tell you me and High Royal Highness the Emir we are ready to manage our diversity, because we know it is a source of strength”.

He explained, “Our resolve to execute people oriented programmes in the state is to engender development, improve the quality of life, create more job opportunities and wealth to citizens, as well as show unity of purpose, unite our diverse people and show respect to ourselves”.

Mohammed lamented communities that are in the outskirts of Bauchi have suffered neglect by past successive administrations due to the fact that they are in the minority, assuring, “I cannot wish you people away because you have always stood by me since I ventured into politics in 2007. You voted for me into the Senate and in 2019, you voted for me, in 2023, you repeated it for my second term.”

“I promised to construct roads for you and today, I am happy to fulfil the promise. My hope is that you will continue to be peace loving people and live peacefully with others. As you are agitating for me to go up to manage Nigeria, I have to start from here, manage the diversity in Bauchi state, be fair and just to all irrespective of the ethno-religious differences. That is how God created us in Nigeria.”

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The Governor commended the Christian dominated areas for their patience and cooperation over the years saying,”I am particularly proud of you, you have not allowed bad eggs to infiltrate you and you have remained peaceful since I came on as the Governor of Bauchi State.”

He also assured them that his administration will continue to pursue peace and unity of the state, saying that it is only in a peaceful atmosphere that development can be made possible, and stressed that his administration remains committed to infrastructure replication, as it plays a key role as enabler that will accelerate the economic growth and enhance the social economic growth of the people generally.

These projects, he noted, once completed will boost the economy and strengthen community ties, taking into cognisance the significance of the roads during farming season, anda affirmed his administration’s ildedication to ensure their timely completion, expressing gratitude for the support from the Emir of Bauchi, Alhaji (Dr) Rilwanu Suleiman Adamu, the traditional institutions, and indeed the citizens.

The Governor disclosed that another 5-kilometer road that will link Gwallagan Mayaka with Dandanko has been added to facilitate easy transportation of their agricultural products to the markets, and urged the people of the state to continue supporting the administration, as it makes efforts to address the poor road networks facing various communities across the state.

The State Works and Transport Commissioner, Hon. Ibrahim Gambo Galadima had in a welcome address, emphasized the importance of the road, as it leads to connecting various communities across the axis, and urged beneficiaries to make the best use of the opportunity afforded them

The Emir of Bauchi, Alhaji Rilwanu Sulaiman Adamu, has in a vote of thanks expressed gratitude for the project execution, and pledged the absolute loyalty of the entire community in Bauchi emirate to the state government, as he remains grateful to the governor for implementing high-quality development projects for the betterment of citizens.

The host and Chairperson, Caretaker Committee of Bauchi Local Government Council, Hon. Zainab Baban Takko has in a remark, emphasized the road’s strategic importance for economic growth and development, and pledged the support of entire Bauchi LGA’s to ensure the success of the projects

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