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Boni Attack: Niger Faces Security Crisis with Heavy Military Losses

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In a devastating raid on the Boni military station, 55 soldiers, including the Chief of the Military Station, a young lieutenant, were killed, and six hostages were taken, according to security sources.

The attack has led military leaders to consider closing this critical post, a move that could leave the region vulnerable to terrorist influence.

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The Boni post, part of Operation Niyya, is a crucial defense point before Makalondi and Torodi.

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Its closure could be a strategic blunder, exposing local populations to increased terrorist threats.

Meanwhile, a large contingent of security forces has been redirected to Agadem to protect oil interests, raising concerns about the government’s priorities.

The column, which passed through Zinder last night, underscores the pressing question: Is oil more valuable than the lives of citizens in the Tillabéri region?

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